To be the recognized leader in our industry and

geographical domicile in the areas of



To provide our employees with the safest

working conditions possible to insure

that each one goes home just as he/she came to work:

Healthy and Happy.


To insure that each of our employees continuously

improve their financial position to a goal of attaining

fruitful retirement through profit sharing,

bonuses, financial counseling and

personal involvement in each employee.


To be the desired contractor of choice because

our equipment is always in great working condition,

clean, painted, and functional.

And in addition, to teach, direct, and coach our employees

to present in a manner unsurpassed by all others.


To offer the best methods first in all operations

to insure and maximize production and profitability

for the company and the Customer.


To utilize profits in ongoing support of our community,

our churches, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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